Yes, it will hold you over for "just one more meal."

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 15, 2018
Unlabeled Canned Food
Credit: Douglas Sacha/Getty Images

Need to make a grocery store run but can't swing one until tomorrow? I know the feeling. But when I'm down to a few carrots and leftover grilled veggies in my fridge, there's one thing I keep on hand that always saves the day: A can of chickpeas.

Also known as garbanzo beans, these protein-rich legumes also boast vitamin B6 and folate, among other good for you vitamins and minerals. But beyond their enviable nutrition profile, chickpeas come in handy when you need to make a meal out of just about nothing. (Read: You're down to your spice rack, olive oil, vinegar, some soup cans, and a slice of bread if you're really lucky.)

If you have olive oil and lemon juice on hand — boom — you can throw chickpeas into your food processor with those ingredients and whatever other spices or herbs you have around to make hummus. Got canned soup or leftover chili that isn't quite enough for dinner? Add your filling chickpeas into the pot, and bon appétit. If you're a baker, chances are you even have what you need to whip up a batch of chocolate hummus, a sweet dip that will quickly become a regular in your home.

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As Delish recently pointed out, you can drain and pat down your chickpeas and bake them with olive oil and seasoning to make a snack. And as I recently learned one chilly Sunday where I skipped a necessary Trader Joe's spree — save for the oven-baked treat — my can of Great Northern Beans was an equally valiant pinch hitter to craft a savory spread or bulk up a veggie soup.