Anglophiles, perk up your ears.

Anglophiles, perk up your ears. While season 10 of BBC's beloved 1950s/1960s period drama Call the Midwife is set to debut this week, Americans can look forward to the series return on PBS this fall. An exact premiere date hasn't been set, but seeing as it's only the spring, at least this gives us plenty time to re-watch all the earlier seasons.

In addition to season 10 on the horizon, fans have several more seasons to look forward to after that with the BBC confirming that seasons 13 and 14 are being commissioned (seasons 11 and 12 had already been previously confirmed), per Digital Spy.

"Call the Midwife" Season 10
Credit: Courtesy BBC

"I can still vividly remember discussing Call the Midwife with [creator/writer]Heidi Thomas for the first time, even though it was over 10 years ago. We had both fallen in love with the world of nuns, midwives, and healthcare on the cobbled streets of 1950s Poplar, which Jennifer Worth [a nurse and midwife who penned the memoir trilogy that is the show's basis] depicted in her memoirs," says executive producer Pippa Harris in the latest press pack. "However, we weren't convinced we could persuade the BBC that these were the ingredients of a prime-time drama. Luckily for us, the BBC also saw the potential, and here we are a decade later about to launch Series 10."

"People often ask what is the key to the show's longevity? Could it be the strength and variety of the ensemble cast, or the wealth of period detail in design and costume, or perhaps the many complex medical issues we've covered. But for me, it is one simple factor, and that's Heidi Thomas's screenwriting. Heidi manages to write about challenging, and at times disturbing issues with such sensitivity that the audience are drawn in, and [empathize] immediately with the characters she creates," she continues. "She also has an almost unique ability to move from sorrow to joy within the same episode, creating an emotional rollercoaster for those watching. Her writing is full of warmth and emotion, but it's never sentimental — she perfectly embodies the old saying of being an iron fist in a velvet glove."

Thomas then sheds some light on the show's magic: "People always ask me where all these stories come from, and I always say the same thing 'They come from the lives of women, and the working class.' I find endless inspiration in the simple power of ordinary lives, and Call the Midwife draws from a bottomless well of human experience — birth and death, love and despair, hope and community. Women and the working classes matter, and our show celebrates them and treats them with respect. Not many shows do that. And interestingly, not many shows run for ten years. Maybe that should give us pause for thought!"

Below, check out a glimpse of a season 10 video clip of what's to come in the popular drama that revolves around a cast of nurse midwives in London in the late 1950s and 1960s.

We sense a tin of biscuits and a Call the Midwife marathon on deck. Start the tea kettle and join us.