Even Kathie Lee Gifford agrees.

By Michelle Darrisaw
October 20, 2017
Dani and Dannah Lockett
Credit: danianddannah.com

When Dani Lockett and her younger sister, Dannah, caught the attention of co-hosts, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, it wasn't because of their obvious cuteness and magnetic personality. Though, we're certain those qualities played a part. No, the chatty Today Show twosome devoted some air-time to the six- and seven-year-old sisters during Thursday's "Today's Talk" segment because of the valuable advice they offered in a viral video.

The two curly-coifed siblings reside in Atlanta, but their mother is originally from Terry, Mississippi. So it's no surprise that their down-to-earth advice on what to do when times get hard is like what you would expect of someone living in the Bible Belt.

"It's a lot of things going on in the world," Dani, 7, said in the video. "Here's some advice—call Jesus. Things aren't working out at your job? Call Jesus! Things aren't working out at your school? Call Jesus!"

Cue adolescent mic drop.

Dani added, "Everybody needs a little Jesus every now and then in their heart."

And for those going through a tough breakup just before the holiday season starts, Dannah has a tip on how to mend your broken heart. Yep, it involves—you guessed it—the Lord Almighty.

"If your boyfriend breaks up with you, don't call Tyrone—call Jesus," the six-year-old quipped in the video below.

Of course, Dannah is referencing Dallas-native and neo-soul singer Erykah Badu's infectious anthem, "Tyrone." The girls' resounding praise and sage advice clearly won over the morning show duo, with Kathie Lee excitedly stating, "Jesus is very popular these days—I'm so glad."

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Ah, from the mouth of babes. Visit the sisters' Instagram page for more hilarious gems of wisdom, spoken like the true Southerners they are.