"He worked tirelessly without taking lunch break until the job was complete."

By Meghan Overdeep
October 16, 2019
Cow Wheelchair
Credit: Kathryn Russell

Lowla was like any normal beef calf, living with her mother at High Ridge Farms in Albemarle, North Carolina. But at just three-days-old, a mysterious injury to the young calf's back and neck left her unable to support head and front legs.

That's when High Ridge Farms employee Kathryn Russell took Lowla in to try to nurse her back to health. The first order of business? A wheelchair.

Russell called Lowe's Home Improvement in Monroe and talked to a woman named Beonka. After hearing about Lowla's situation, she told Russell to bring her right in.

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There, an employee named Keith took little Lowla's measurements and went straight to work on building her a wheelchair. "He came up with the design and constructed it all by himself," Russell recalled on Facebook over the weekend. "He worked tirelessly without taking lunch break until the job was complete."

"I can't express how thankful Lowla and I are for the service we received today," she concluded.

Since the construction of the wheelchair, Russell has been providing updates on Lowla's condition on Facebook.

On Sunday, just hours after receiving her wheelchair, the little calf was able to walk unassisted for the first time in three days. "She is getting stronger with every step she takes," Russell wrote alongside a video (below) of Lowla in action.

Keep up the good work, Lowla!