This Year's Cadbury Bunny Is The Most Adorable Two-Legged Dog

Let's hear it for this beautiful pet.

Cadbury Bunny Tryouts Winner Lieutenant Dan
Photo: PRNewsfoto/Cadbury

Amidst so much disturbing news in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic outbreak in our country, we all could use a little cheer and pep right about now.

Currently, that's coming in the form of this sweet rescue dog—Lieutenant Dan—who was announced as this year's winner of the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts. Despite being born with a birth defect that caused a severe deformity of his hind limbs and tail, Lieutenant Dan is a good-natured rescue dog who inspires all around him.

For this year's competition, over 4,000 pets were entered into the running, including a mini horse, llama, and hamster, among many dogs and cats. Instagram pet celebrity Jiffpom along with the Cadbury team narrowed the submissions down to a top ten list before voting was opened up to the American public. We can't say we're surprised this sweet dog stole so many hearts, but we sure are happy for him.

"Lieutenant Dan is the epitome of inspiration, passion and energy, showcasing that no matter what challenges you, you can overcome it," said Ethan Mandel, of the Cadbury Brand team in a company press release. "With almost 200,000 votes cast, America showed love and support to all of our finalists. We'd like to thank everyone who participated in our second annual Cadbury Bunny Tryouts."

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Dan's dog mom, Laura Person, was thrilled with the news: "The outpouring of support for our Lieutenant Dan was just amazing! We received so many heartwarming messages saying how much joy and inspiration he brings to people's day," said Person in the same statement. "We love him but to see the love America showed for him means so much to our family. We are thrilled for him to be the next Cadbury Clucking Bunny and his rambunctious spirit shows how excited he is as well."

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In recognition of his win, Lieutenant Dan will receive $5,000. The Cadbury company also donated $10,000 to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in his honor.

We're extending our warmest congratulations to Liuetenant Dan, Laura Person, and all of their loved ones. Well deserved, sweet pup—and a bit of much-needed joy today.

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