These pretty, fragrant plants will climb their way into your heart.

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Purple Wisteria Bloom
Credit: Ekely/Getty Images

Home Depot cherry blossom tree planted? Check. Lemon cheesecake mastered? Check! Now there's just one thing left to do in order to fully immerse yourself in spring pageantry this year.

Now that the excitement of the annual cherry blossom bloom is dying down, we have time to revel in nature's next seasonal show: wisteria. These purple, pink, blue, and white bulbs will be flourishing all over the world by late April. And thanks to Home Depot, a mere $25 will get you your own Purple Wisteria root stock set, delivered right to your front door or via curbside pickup.  The big box store's wisteria root sets are already two years old and between 12 and 18 inches in height.

WATCH: Why We Love Wisteria

Wisteria, which falls somewhere between a shrub and a vine (technically a bine), blooms vigorously in spring with clusters of pretty, cascading flowers. Climbing and sprawling across anything in its path, hearty wisteria grows quickly (10 feet or more every year) and can provide a fragrant pop of color to a porch, pergola, or stone façade.

Happy planting, y'all!