New Website Ships Buc-ee’s Snacks All Over the World

Beaver Nuggets for everyone!

From its pristine bathrooms to its toothy mascot, there’s a lot to love about Buc-ee’s.

But Chris Koerner knows that the best thing about the roadside mecca is its snacks—its shelves upon shelves of them. And the entrepreneur from Plano, Texas, wants to make sure that every Buc-ee’s fan has access to their favorite treats, regardless of location.

Beaver Nuggets
Texas Snax

“I went to Buc-ee’s with my cofounder, my cousin Kirk, when he was visiting,” Koerner told Texas Monthly. “I had this idea on the way home, and it was perfect. They have so many unique snacks. If people will pay an extra $4 to get McDonald’s DoorDashed to them, why wouldn’t they pay an extra 20% to get these products mailed to them across the country? I just saw it as the perfect opportunity.”

So, last week, Koerner launched, an online resale store that allows Texas expats to satisfy their hankerings for Beaver Nuggets, Pork Rinds, Corn Nuggets, or any of Buc-ee’s 282 nonperishable products from afar.

Simply place your order and Koerner will make a beeline to the nearest Buc-ee’s, make a purchase on your behalf, and then send it on its way. Texas Snax is shipping to all fifty U.S. states and dozens of international destinations.

Koerner’s venture isn’t associated with Buc-ee’s, but the company is aware of the site. “We put on every single product page that we aren’t Buc-ee’s,” he explained to Texas Monthly, “we pay what you’d pay at Buc-ee’s, we’re just big fans, and we just resell their products.”

For now, Buc-ee’s seems more than happy to let Koerner test the waters for them.

“We are glad to see that our prices are so good that customers are willing to pay a premium for direct delivery,” Buc-ee’s general counsel, Jeff Nadalo, told Texas Monthly. “It appears Texas Snax has found a niche reselling Buc-ee’s wonderful food, unique children’s toys, and creative apparel.”

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have to go see a man about some Beaver Nuggets.

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