"Always go out of your way to help others," 19-year-old Alexis Easter said.
Burger King Employee Helping Man
Credit: Facebook/Elizabeth Chandler

Walking an elderly customer known to her as "Mr. John" to his car is a normal occurrence for 19-year-old Burger King employee Alexis Easter.

But when Elizabeth Chandler spotted the duo in the parking lot of the Burger King of Mechanicsville, Virginia, last week she did a double take.

"It's so seldom to see pure simple kindness in today's world," Chandler told WTVR. "She took time from her job to help someone else and expected nothing in return."

Moved by the moment, Chandler took a photo which she shared on Facebook last week.

"Shout out to the cashier at the Mechanicsville Burger King, making this world a little brighter," she wrote alongside the sweet snap.

But for Easter, it was all in a day's work.

"The man always comes in the Burger King, so when he's done I help him to the car because he has a terrible back," she explained to WTVR. "When we get to his car we talk and I make sure he's safe."

Easter has worked at the fast-food restaurant for two years. She said Mr. John isn't the only customer she walks to their car when she sees them struggle.

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Chandler told the station she shared the photo because she wanted to thank Easter for being selfless.

"It's people like her, and acts of kindness like that, which make the world a better place," she said.

As for Easter, she has a simple message she'd like to share. "Always go out of your way to help others," she said.