This new video gives you incredible access into the famous residence.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
July 24, 2018
Tetra Images/Getty Images

Renovating Buckingham Palace is no simple task. As Town & Country reports, it's expected to take 10 years and cost $482 million. So what can visitors expect of the Queen's living quarters? The royal family kindly gave us a glimpse inside the happenings, particularly how "Point Cloud surveys," a laser scan that maps the palace in exquisite detail, are shaping the building upgrades.

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"In particular, it demonstrates how this technology [of Point Cloud surveys] is being used to help design new lifts to make the Palace more accessible and more efficient," read an official statement on the royal family's website, accompanying the new video yesterday. "One way in which Point Cloud is being used is to help design new lifts at the Palace. There are currently nine lifts, many of which are small and impractical. This has an impact on how people can get around the building," the statement later explains. Watch the video below.

Of course, in addition to helping the staff and royal family members, the new elevators will also be a boon for visitors, in addition to two redesigned entrances with wheelchair ramps.

So, can we lock in our sleepover date of July 24th, 2028? Sounds good, Lilibet? Okay, superb, we'll pencil it into our calendars right away.