Even Queen Elizabeth finds entertaining stressful!

By Meghan Overdeep
November 27, 2018
Queen Elizabeth Buckingham Palace
Credit: Patrick van Katwijk/Getty Images

For approximately two months each summer, Queen Elizabeth opens Buckingham Palace to the public. Because it's a national landmark (and, you know, gigantic), it can be easy to forget that the palace is also the Queen's home. And as you can imagine, entertaining on that kind of scale comes with a whole lot of stress—even for a monarch.

According to an old newspaper clipping shared on Twitter by royals writer Phil Dampier, her majesty has a very relatable bone to pick with tourists: they wreak havoc on her carpets.

"Everyone shuffles along in a line," Queen Elizabeth reportedly told former tourism minister Janet Anderson, along with a demonstration. "This means that they push all the carpet pile in one direction, so the following year we have to turn all the carpets round so they can push it back the other way."

To be fair, that would annoy us too!

And we're not talking about one or two carpets here either. Buckingham Palace spans a staggering 830,000 square feet and 775 rooms. Public tours include admittance to The Queen's Gallery (featuring works by Vermeer and jewels from her private collection) as well as 19 State Rooms inside the palace itself, including the Throne Rome, Ballroom, Grand Staircase and more.

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So, if you're lucky enough to tour Buckingham Palace this summer, remember to pick up those feet!