It even had a Buc-ee's piñata!

Buc-ee's Birthday Party
Credit: Facebook/Leonor Alonso

It's fair to say that the Alonso family has a thing for themed parties.

"We're really big on throwing parties and going all out, and we like to think outside of the box," mom Leonor Alonso explained. "If it's in the store we don't want it."

In September, that meant throwing a Whataburger-themed party for her youngest son's third birthday. And on Saturday, for older brother Nathan's ninth birthday, the Houston-area family threw a fete themed after another Texas institution: Buc-ee's.

"We like to be original, and why not have a party based off the things they love?" Leonor asked.

Buc-ee's Birthday Party Dessert
Credit: Facebook/Leonor Alonso
Buc-ee's Birthday Party Pinata
Credit: Facebook/Leonor Alonso

All six members of the Alonso family are big Buc-ee's fans, and little Nathan is all about those Beaver Nuggets!

The birthday boy donned a Buc-ee's shirt for the party which featured red-and-gold desserts emblazoned with the chain's beaver logo, a Buc-ee's piñata, and Styrofoam cups from the convenience store chain as centerpieces.

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Happy birthday, Nathan!