"It's just a scary process. It's emotional."

By Meghan Overdeep
May 01, 2018
Southern Living Bubba Watson Family
Credit: Chris Condon/Getty Images

At this point in his career, it's safe to say that golf champ Bubba Watson is used to winning. But that doesn't mean his life off the course has been bogey-free.

The 39-year-old, two-time Masters winner and his wife Angie recently sat down with Megyn Kelly for a candid discussion about their struggle with infertility and the arduous process of adoption.

Today, the couple is proud parents to two adopted children, a son Caleb and daughter Dakota, though they revealed that their path to becoming a family of four was a difficult one.

Bubba shared how their adoption journey began with three rejections from birth moms, in a period that took quite a toll on their relationship.

"Wanting a child, wanting to be a parent, wanting to be a dad is one thing, but then when your wife is crying ‘Why not me? Why not me? Why can't I have my own child? Why can I not be a parent to this child?' And now another child, and then another child…" Bubba recalled. "So we got three turndowns, three rejections, so that's hard."

The Florida native continued: "Now becoming a husband and trying to comfort her is another challenge in itself in that process. It was very overwhelming, very hard but a great thing that we did—a battle that we did."

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And now, with two happy, healthy children of their own, they're working with Jockey to help adoptive families navigate the process.

"I think it's just a scary process. It's emotional," Angie noted. "There's a lot more lows than there are highs, but once you get to that point there's a lot more highs than there are lows."

Despite it all, neither Bubba nor Angie regrets a single moment. They said it never even occurs to them that their kids were adopted.

"The responsibility that we've been given to raise our child is no different than people that have had their own biological children," Angie said. "We have never once looked in our kids' eyes and not thought that God created them for us to raise them. That's always been my thought, and I've never blinked for a minute and thought that they were adopted."

Watch Kelly's emotional interview with the Watsons above.