We're counting down until we see these concepts come to life in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding.

Princess Diana Wedding
Credit: Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

It's only been a day since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement news went public, and we've already learned the venue for their royal nuptials and their hopes to start a family in the near future. But as we find ourselves in the vortex of Markle's outfit analysis and scrutinizing her engagement ring (okay, we're still looking), now is also a fitting time to take a step back and consider the broader traditions of royal weddings. Read on for some of our favorites, and if an invitation to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming wedding lands in your mailbox, don't forget to pack your finest hat.

1. The groom wears a military uniform.

As Express reports, it's tradition for the betrothed man to wear a military uniform. (Remember Prince William's bright red attire?) Certainly, we, too, beam with pride whenever we see the groom march down the aisle in his finest military garb.

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2. Where families sit for the ceremony is an established institution.

As Southerners, we love order, and upholding the customs that what our ancestors adhered to on their big days. We also love knowing what side of the aisle to escort guests to before the ceremony. As protocol holds it, The Royal Family sits on the right-side of the wedding venue, "unless the groom is not royal, in which case they sit on the left," according to Brides.

3. Brides carry a sprig of myrtle in their wedding bouquets. 

Tipping your hat to the women who pranced down the aisle before you? This is a royal tradition straight after our own feelings about the importance of honoring generations that came before us. It is believed this practice dates back to Queen Victoria in her 1840 wedding and that the flower represents the bride's love and unity, as Southern Living previously shared.

4. Brides wear white, of course.

Many of us have had that one friend who balked at tradition and donned a colorful wedding dress. We don't have to tell you how that went over. Indeed, we're all for that special ritual of slipping into a white gown on our wedding day, and the Royals are too. In fact, NBC shares that brides wearing a white wedding dress was a trend Queen Victoria actually started at her wedding to Prince Albert.

5. Two cakes are served.

More cake? Don't mind if we do. The Evening Standard reports that royal weddings typically include two cakes. While a fruitcake is the norm, Kate Middleton and Prince William went for a chocolate cake as one of their wedding day desserts. Should Harry and Meghan choose to go that route, boy do we have an 18-layer chocolate cake for them.