The Bridgerton Family's Signature Blue Was Inspired by Wedgwood Ceramics

A Bridgerton production designer spills the tea.

Netflix's runaway hit Bridgerton is delight for all senses, the eyes in particular. From the costumes and settings to the swoon-worthy Duke, it's a visual spectacle from start to end.

Now, you don't have to be a cinematographer to appreciate the show's distinct color palette. It's hardly subtle. In fact, production designers went so far as to assign each family featured in the television adaption of the Julia Quinn book series its own color.

Blue, for example, is the signature color of the Bridgerton family, represented in their home as well as their clothes. But theirs isn't just any shade of blue.

As series production designer Will Hughes-Jones explained to Town & Country, the Bridgerton blue is a very specific hue: Wedgwood Blue.

The iconic Wedgewood Blue, which is synonymous with the English fine china, was especially popular during the period in which Bridgerton is set.

"The Bridgerton house for me is like being inside a piece of Wedgwood ceramic. It's that beautiful, beautiful soft blue and lots of creams," Hughes-Jones said.

Bridgerton Netflix
Liam Daniel/Netflix

"I sort of went cross-eyed looking at blue colors," he continued, "I'd settle on a blue and then I didn't sleep for three nights worrying about whether I'd chosen the right blue or not. It's a bold statement that we're trying to achieve. And I think, I hope, we pulled it off."

The fact that the soft, subtle nature of the Bridgerton blue stands in such stark opposition to the vibrant hues of the blundering Featherington clan isn't an accident. Nearly every color choice was intentional.

"Very quickly, we created a difference within the confines of the two families," Hughes-Jones told Town & Country. "The Bridgertons, they are a historic old family, money from many generations. So, the props and the furniture within their house has a history to it. Whereas the Featheringtons, they're much more ostentatious. For the Featheringtons, it was all about having the best things and being seen."

We can't wait to see what he comes up with for season two!

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