A serious "awwww" for pups and pops.
newlyweds and dog
Credit: Lydia Ruth Photography (LydiaRuthPhotography.com)

Leaving your dog behind for a vacation, beach day, heck, even running to the grocery store is no easy feat. So imagine the sadness newlyweds Hilary and Logan Bowles felt when they couldn't bring their pup, Leo, along to their destination wedding in Charleston, South Carolina.

Thanks to some very clever thinking from the bride's father, Leo was able to be included in the wedding day fun. "I was upset my dog couldn't travel down for my wedding, so my dad made a lifesize cutout of him and is bringing it to South Carolina," the bride tweeted, along with photos of her dad documenting cardboard Leo's journey to The Palmetto State.

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Ultimately, not only did the adorable dog make it to couple's nuptials, but their four-legged friend even took some time to pose for some unforgettable family photos. We're totally swooning over this clever idea, and thoughtful dad! Cheers to the newlyweds!

newlywed visits wedding
Credit: Lydia Ruth Photography (LydiaRuthPhotography.com)