Watch this painterly parrot show off his skills on the canvas.

During the past year of spending the bulk of our days at home, many of us have picked up a new arsty hobby, whether it's watercolor painting or knitting, jewelry making or quilting.

Well, it appears one 26-year-old salmon-crested cockatoo has really honed his art skills during quarantine. Goofy, who resides at the Brevard Zoo on Florida's Space Coast in Melbourne, Florida, has taken his talent at the canvas to new heights, with the help of trainers and some tasty treats as rewards along the way.

While he's been painting for a few years — given that cockatoos, a type of parrot, are known for their intelligence, this kind of skill is actually to be expected — the zoo recently released a video (above), revealing what a star painter Goofy truly is, making use of a bold array of colors and his signature beak-blobbing technique.

Goofy the Painting Cockatoo at Brevard Zoo
Credit: Brevard Zoo on Florida’s Space Coast

Goofy, a former pet, arrived at the Brevard Zoo in 2017, and is known for his "big personality" and people-loving demeanor. In fact, all zookeepers and volunteers are said to know Goofy by name, and many visitors know him moniker as well.

Beyond his natural ability in front of a blank canvas, Goofy is also a skilled problem solver and is able to accomplish tasks like fitting blocks of various shapes into the matching holes. When he's due for a treat, zoo personnel slip him some peanuts, his favorite food.

For more pictures of adorable animals, you can follow Brevard Zoo on Instagram here. We don't know about you, but we think Goofy's artwork should be auctioned off to help support the zoo during this challenging year in which much revenue was lost.

Perhaps they should even give Goofy a new moniker. We think Goofy "Jackson Pollock" the Parrot has a nice ring to it, don't you think?