Move over, Whole Foods—there's a new king of organic groceries.

By Michelle Darrisaw
July 14, 2017
Brandless Pasta and Cheese Shells
Credit: Brandless

This is not a drill—we just may have found our soon-to-be favorite store. And the best part? No long checkout lines, no price or brand comparisons, no coupons or rewards programs, and no carrying heavy grocery bags. Trust us, it's the shopping experience you didn't even know you wanted.

At first glance, Brandless, a new online retailer that launched on July 11, seemed too good to be true. Organic food, beauty products, home goods, kitchen gadgets, and household supplies for only $3? Surely there's gotta be a catch, right? But as it turns out, the only thing you can catch at Brandless is a great deal.

Brandless Products
Credit: Brandless

We're talking coffee, pasta, sugar, flour, coconut oil, peanut butter, plates, knives, hand cream, lotion, hand soap, cotton balls, cleaning products, pens, and even notebooks. Because, hey, you've got to have something to create that grocery list with, and as the private label expands its product selection and keeps the prices under $3, we're guessing that shopping list will continue to grow.

Brandless Measuring Cups
Credit: Brandless

Even better than the low cost, most of the products—including food—are organic, kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO. For a low flat shipping rate of $9, you can have everything delivered straight to your door, and if you purchase more than $72 worth of items, shipping is free. At such a bargain, you'll quickly spend that and more stocking up on everyday essentials. Plus, with every purchase, Brandless will donate one meal through a partnership with Feeding America, paying it forward one dollar at a time.

Wondering how this store can provide such high-quality products and healthy ingredients at dollar-store savings? Well, it's all in the name.

Founders Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler have worked for two years to eliminate "brand tax"—the hidden cost of packaging and distributing goods. It seems the simple, minimalistic approach to their packaging is paying off for the newly-minted company and its consumers, as many products have already sold out.

You'll want to hurry up and fill your cart before everyone else discovers this gold mine of savings!

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The Brandless motto is "Who says better needs to cost more?" And now that we know there's a cheaper alternative, we find ourselves asking the same thing.