"Never in a million years did I think Brad Paisley would actually jump on!"

By Meghan Overdeep
April 20, 2020

A group of about 20 elementary school teachers in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, got a Grammy-winning surprise during a Zoom video conference last week.

Ashlyn Williamson, who teaches third grade at Oak Grove Elementary School, told the Tennessean that she decided to invite Brad Paisley to their group’s weekly Zoom call after the country star shared his cell phone number on social media and encouraged fans to invite him to their meetings.

"On a whim, I decided to invite him to our ‘Teacher Night In’ and never in a million years did I think Brad Paisley would actually jump on," Williamson told the Tennessean.

Fifteen minutes into the meeting, Williamson noticed Paisley was online and added him to the group. Though he joined in disguise, when Paisley revealed himself the educators screamed with excitement.

On the call, Paisley expressed his appreciation for all that teachers were doing during the coronavirus crisis. The crooner also gave some encouraging words for Oak Grove's seniors, which teacher Leslie Payne was able to catch on video.

"If you don't like this, then go be somebody that can fix this kind of thing someday. Go figure out what needs done and channel this," Paisley said. "Become what you want to be. It's not fair, I hate it, go out there and make a difference."

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Brad!