Talk about a sweet deal, y'all!
chocolate peanut butter twinkie
Credit: Courtesy Hostess

You don't need us to give an excuse to reach for a Hostess treat. From Donettes to Twinkies (and Chocolate Cake Twinkies, Fudge Covered Twinkies, Banana Twinkies...) we absolutely adore the nostalgia-infused treat.

But here's a new reason to beeline to the baked goods aisle: Hostess has partnered with country megastar Brad Paisley, along with the Country Music Association and Sony Music Nashville, to bring fans a special Spotify playlist created by Paisley himself.

Now, when you pick up Hostess goodies this summer, you'll be given an on-pack code. Simply go to and enter your code to unlock the tunes and start streaming on the music service. In addition to the playlist, which will feature songs from Paisley's chart-topping album, Love and War, fans will also have the opportunity to enter a one-of-a-kind sweepstakes. The grand prize? A trip to the 51st Annual CMA Awards in Nashville this November.

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We're already keeping our fingers and toes crossed and planning our outfits. But in the time being, we're gonna hit play on some stellar tunes and sink our teeth into the billowy, delightful new chocolate peanut butter Twinkies.