BRACH'S Releases New "Heart '2' Heart" Conversation Hearts Just in Time for Valentine's Day

We're still waiting for the "LOVE Y'ALL" heart.

Brach's Conversation Heart 2 Heart Mini
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Valentine's Day is around the corner. Procrastinators, take note, it's time to get those cards ready, those flowers artfully arranged, and those candy hearts displayed in a bowl.

Speaking of those much-loved conversation hearts, there's new reason to pick up a bag of the sweet treat this Valentine's Day season: BRACH'S has released an updated edition of their tiny conversation hearts featuring sweet words on each side of the heart. The so-called "Heart '2' Heart" tiny conversation hearts will feature double-sided messages that feel particularly of the moment (or perhaps cringe-worthy, for some ): "YAAAS," "GOAT" (greatest of all time), and "BAE," to name a few. For flavors, fans will get to dig into banana-, orange-, grape-, cherry-, and lemon-flavored treats.

Check out some more of the adorable sayings below. Which expressions are your favorite?

"BRACH'S is excited to add Heart '2' Heart Conversation Hearts to our existing line of conversation hearts, bringing a fresh new look, taste and feel to the classic candy everyone knows and loves," said Peter Goldman, Vice President of BRACH'S and Seasonal Sugar Confections at Ferrara. "We continue to innovate our classics with unique flavors and shapes to keep up with our consumers' changing tastes and cultural interests and are proud to offer an array of conversation hearts and other festive Valentine's Day treats for all to enjoy."

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If you're looking to round out your Valentine's Day candy spread, Ferrara also creates several more festive favorites like SweeTARTS heart-shaped lollipops and Fun Dip® Candy & Card Kits. It's safe to say that with these adorable, dual-embossed sweets and a bag of SweeTARTS lollipops beckoning, we may very well have to commence our Valentine's Day festivities early this year.

Share with us: What are your favorite Valentine's Day candies?

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