Get this kid a microphone!

Nobody could have expected that a video of 9-year-old Dane Miller singing along to Whitney Houston would go viral, but with more than 21 million views in just one week, there's no denying that the young boy with Down Syndrome from Prosper, Texas is a star.

It all happened so quickly. Dane's father recorded a video of his son belting out Houston's "If I Don't Have You" in the backseat of his car. Not long after, the video was later shared by a family member on Facebook.

"Is this boy not the sweetest thing ever?! He loves to sing," Dane's aunt Jeanne captioned the adorable clip. "Whitney would be proud #getthatboyamic #mynephewDanerocks," she added.

Likes, shares and comments began pouring in the moment Jeanne shared it on Facebook. Dane's mother Danna told CBS News she can't believe the response the video has gotten. "Just reading the comments, they're so sweet. I'm getting emotional," she said. "Some other families who have Down Syndrome children have posted pictures with their kids."

She added that she hopes the video shows what kids with special needs can contribute to society.

"He is just very vibrant," Jeanne told Fox 8. "He's very high-functioning so if he hears music, it's just something that sticks with him. He's very proud. He just smiles and giggles."

According to Danna, Dane recently watched a documentary on Whitney Houston. "He started downloading her songs and that was the one he got stuck on," she explained. You can say that again!

Want more Dane? Check him out on his brand new YouTube channel, Amazing Dane.