Day = made.

By Meghan Overdeep
June 14, 2018
Facebook/Patrick Parker

Prepare to have your day made.

Five-year-old Ian Parker and his unlikely friend are bringing joy to the world after a video of them playing an incredible game of copycat went viral earlier this week.

It all began with an ordinary trip to the Nashville Zoo on Tuesday. The youngster and his dad were checking out the new Andean bear exhibit when one of its residents, Luka the bear, came over to play.

Ian's father Patrick told Fox 17 that when Luka slipped into the exhibit pool for a swim, Ian and several other kids got excited and started jumping up and down. Luka apparently liked what he saw and decided to join in. Patrick said the bear came over to the glass and started to jump along with them.

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What happened next will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

After the other kids dispersed, Patrick captured Ian and Luka jumping in near-perfect unison for about 10 minutes.

"Try to make him jump again," Patrick can be heard telling Ian in a video posted to Facebook. He told Fox 17 that both were a little tired by the end of their too-cute jumping fest.

Watch the adorable video above.