Kentucky Family Builds Giant Bourbon Barrel Christmas Tree

Now that’s what we call a Kentucky Christmas!

Bourbon Barrel Christmas Tree
Photo: Cody Vincent

Key West isn't the only Southern spot putting a regional spin on the traditional Christmas tree.

In tiny Smiths Grove, Kentucky, you'll find the ultimate holiday ode to the Bluegrass State: a 30-foot Christmas tree made out of bourbon barrels.

Now that's what we call a Kentucky Christmas, y'all!

Cody Vincent and his family made the unique tree out of bourbon barrels they sell through their business, Bourbon Barrel Brothers.

To bring their creation to life, Cody, his brother Jon, and their parents stacked the first 160 barrels by hand. A tractor was required for the last three layers and to place the six-foot angel at the top.

The whole project took the Vincent family four days. The finished product features 200 barrels, more than 2,000 lights, and weighs about 25,000 pounds.

"So, it's totally different in the daytime than it is at night," Cody told WBKO. "I'm telling everybody to come and look at it in the daytime and see the barrels and how it's decorated, and then come back at night and actually look and see the lights on it because it's totally different both ways."

Bourbon Barrel Christmas Tree
Cody Vincent

If you're wondering, the barrels are empty. Edmonson County is dry.

"They're still authentic bourbon barrels, I call it," notes Vincent.

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The family plans to keep the bourbon barrel tree up through the first week of January.

Vincent told WBKO that his hope for the tree is that it helps make happy memories during this tough time.

"I mean, it's just a tree. But it also allows the families that do want to get out and enjoy, they can still drive through and look at it," he said.

The bourbon barrel tree is located at 2326 Chalybeate Road in Edmonson County.

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