Hustle for those heart-shaped delights.
Bojangles’ Heart-Shaped Biscuits
Credit: Bojangles’

Okay, we'll be the first to admit it: We don't need an excuse to go to Bojangles'.

But, since you asked, well, this week seems like an excellent time as ever to journey to the otherworldly biscuits emporium, originally founded in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1977. Back again for another year, Bojangles' has debuted Heart-Shaped Bo-Berry Biscuits through February 16th in honor of Valentine's Day. With blueberries baked into the dough, these sweet biscuits get topped off with a rich vanilla icing drizzle and make for quite the dessert. Worth noting: Bo-Berry Biscuits are available year-round—it's the Heart-Shaped Bo-Berry Biscuits that return for a limited-time every year for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Love a little kitsch at other times of the year? The brand also releases football-shaped Bo-Berry Biscuits during football season.

Chef Marshall Scarborough, who was recently announced as Bojangles' new vice president of menu and culinary innovation, is glad he can partake in heart-shaped biscuit noshing this February. "As a North Carolina native, I know that the only thing that beats the taste of a warm and sweet Bo-Berry Biscuit is a warm and sweet Heart-Shaped Bo-Berry Biscuit, given to you by that special someone,"said Scarborough, who is originally from Clemmons, North Carolina, in a company press release. "I'm thrilled to be part of the culinary team at Bojangles', just in time to join in on this unique Valentine's tradition!"

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Personally, we can't wait to get our hands on these mouthwatering biscuits. But if you don't live near a Bojangles', you can't go wrong with 26 Valentine's Desserts That Have Us Seeing Red. There's nothing like a sweet treat to celebrate the sweetness of those you love.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. We hope it's filled with much joy, fun, and plenty of tasty desserts. What's your favorite dessert for the holiday?