By Meghan Overdeep
February 07, 2018
alligator in the pool
Credit: Boca Raton Police Services Department

A homeowner in Boca Raton received quite the shock while he was taking his dog out for a walk on Monday morning.

"Every morning I walk out to the halfway point of the pool and put Charlie down here," Matt Fino told WSVN. "He usually goes about to do his business."

However, this time things went a bit differently. Charlie spotted a 7 to 8 foot alligator swimming in his pool and stopped in his tracks.

Horrified, Fino told WSVN that he ran inside to wake his wife.

"I saw the gator, and I couldn't even," Janet Rosa recalled to WSVN. "I was in total shock."

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Local police called Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and a gator trapper was brought in to remove the formidable reptile. Luckily nobody was injured in the ordeal, but Fino told WSVN that he plans to be a bit more cautious going forward.

"There is absolutely no doubt that every morning when I open that door, I'll be staring at the pool first," he said.