But it's only available for a limited time!

Blue Bell Raspberry Fudge Brownie
Credit: Blue Bell Creameries

Another day, another mouthwatering new flavor from Blue Bell, y'all. They certainly know how to keep our taste buds (and our diets!) on their toes, don't they?

In case you needed another reason to head to the grocery store, the beloved Texas-based creamery announced this morning that its Valentine's Day-inspired Raspberry Fudge Brownie ice cream flavor is hitting freezer aisles today.

According to its official description, Raspberry Fudge Brownie features almond ice cream combined with fudge brownie chunks, flakes of dark chocolate and a raspberry sauce swirl.

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"We are excited to add a flavor that features raspberry to our line-up and I know our fans will be eager to try this new creation," Sara Schramm, marketing brand manager, said in a release. "This is a concept we have worked on for a few years and now we have the perfect combination. The brownies and ice cream are subtle, yet so flavorful together. And after you taste the raspberry sauce, it is better than you could have ever imagined."

Raspberry Fudge Brownie is available in half-gallon and pint sizes, for a limited time only.