We knew it was our favorite department store for a reason.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
March 23, 2018
JGI/Daniel Grill/Getty Images

I'm not even engaged, but I'm already stressed about the weather on my imaginary wedding day. Chances are, I'm not alone with my meteorological anxiety — though I'm hoping the majority of those fretting have, you know, a ring on their finger. Indeed, wedding weather worry is a real thing, and department store company Bloomingdale's is here to help.

As The Knot shares in a recent article, Bloomies has debuted a new online service called The Best Day for Your Big Day, which is designed to help couples determine the best wedding date using scientific data.

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The methodology for this magical tool? "Weather data for 1,000 most populous cities in the US has been obtained from 1981-2010 Climate Normals series produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration," Bloomingdales shares on its site. "Optimal days in each city were determined on the basis of the comfortable average temperature of 72ºF, low cloud cover, low chance of precipitation, and comfortable relative humidity of 50%." If the location where you're tying the knot isn't one of the 1,000 included cities, you'll likely be able to find one in a nearby region.

Let's hope The Best Day for Your Big Day 2.0 can magically predict if a Southern sunshower will appear as you say your "I dos." I think my future husband and I would be okay with that.