Prepare to melt, y'all.

By Meghan Overdeep
March 25, 2019

After having both of his eyes removed due to glaucoma, life could have become very dark for Charlie. Instead, the 11-year-old golden retriever from Mooresville, North Carolina, was lucky enough to receive a new pair of eyes, and they came in the form of an adorable mini-me named Maverick.

Owners Adam and Chelsea Stipe added four-month-old Maverick to their family to serve as a sort of Seeing Eye dog for Charlie in January. After some initial friction, the couple told Today that he soon became the older dog's helper.

"When Maverick and Charlie play, it's definitely great to watch because Charlie turns into such a puppy,'' Chelsea said. "It's sweet to see them get along and enjoy each other.

Maverick reportedly sticks close to Charlie's side to help make sure his big brother gets around safely.

"When they would play, Maverick would realize that Charlie would lose the toy sometimes, so (Maverick) would pick it up and put it back in front of him to re-engage playtime," Adam told NBC Philadelphia.

Last week the Stipes created an Instagram account to document Charlie and Maverick's antics, and have already racked up more than 87,000 followers.

"We have definitely been overwhelmed with the response, but it's such a good thing,'' Chelsea told Today. "We love how positive the community is and how happy (the dogs) are making everyone."

"They're both pretty crazy and special," she continued. "They're definitely our entertainment."