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Blanche Bedroom Golden Girls
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

The house where The Golden Girls was set featured many iconic rooms, but none stood out quite like Blanche's chic boudoir, and that was the point. Because if any Golden Girl deserved an over-the-top bedroom it was Blanche Devereaux. Fortunately, with the help of CW Stockwell's famous banana leaf motif Martinique, the inimitable Southern belle got just that.

John Shaffner, the show's assistant art director tells the story of how Blanche's banana leaf bedspread and matching wallpaper came to be in Jim Colucci's book Golden Girls Forever. According to Shaffner, production designer Ed Stephenson's original vision for the room included the wallpaper, but because they didn't have a headboard, they decided to cut the leaves out one-by-one and glue them to the wall—the same way it was applied at The Beverly Hills Hotel. A matching bedspread was also made for Blanche's room, which reportedly came at a pretty penny back in 1985.

The bedspread was in such high demand, that Shaffner used it on his own bed in between episodes because he was so afraid it would get lost, or worse, stolen.

In fact, CW Stockwell CEO Katy Polsby told House Beautiful that it's her belief that Blanche's bedroom is the reason for Martinique's extended popularity.

"While we don't have sales records that go back to the 1980s, I often cite the show as one of the main reasons Martinique continued to be top of mind in popular culture during that era, especially since the mid to late '80s is when wallpaper began to have a downturn in popularity," Polsby said.

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If you're looking for a little taste of Blanche in your own home, you're in luck. CW Stockwell recently re-released the Martinique pattern in a range of colors, because "what Blanche Deveraux lacked in her taste in men, she certainly made up for with her exquisite taste in décor!" Polsby told House Beautiful.

We couldn't agree more.