Blake Shelton Took Foster Children Fishing on His Oklahoma Property and the Photos Are So Sweet

"The children also learned how to fillet their catches, then they had a fish fry— from pond to table! Talk about a day these kids...will never forget!" wrote the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation.

It's always a good day to be in the great outdoors in Oklahoma. It's a really good day if you get to experience all the natural beauty The Sooner State has to offer in the company of country star Blake Shelton.

Recently, some foster children in Shelton's home state of Oklahoma got to do just that when they had the opportunity to go on a fishing excursion with the famed musician and judge of NBC's The Voice. As we originally learned from Wide Open Country, Shelton took the kids fishing at one of his Oklahoma farm ponds through the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation (OWCF) via the Fostering Outdoor Oklahoma Families program. (Shelton serves on the OWCF board of directors.)

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So how did the day pan out? Based on the photos that OWCF shared on Facebook, it looks like it was pretty darn superb, with more than a few catches of the day, to boot. "[Shelton] and some other wonderful volunteers with [the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation,] Oklahoma Department of Human Services,] and OWCF helped teach the kiddos how to fish (and as you see in the pictures, they caught some nice bass). But the lesson went further than fishing, the children also learned how to fillet their catches, then they had a fish fry— from pond to table! Talk about a day these kids (and adults) will never forget!!" the OWCF Facebook post reads. The message concludes with some heartfelt gratitude for the Okie star. "Thank you, Blake for being so generous and taking time to invest in the children from your home state by showing them what outdoor Oklahoma is all about."

In addition to this outing, Shelton has lent a helping hand to his home state several times in recent months, such as when he donated $150,000 to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma this past spring. Earlier this month, he even surprised a teacher across state lines in Texas by buying her school supplies.

We're glad the star has found ways to give back to the land that raised him, and we're sure these kiddos will think of him every time they cast a line for years to come.

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