You have to see this huge bear cooling off in a tiny, plastic pool.

Regina Keller was watering her flowers when a large male bear wandered into the backyard of her home in rural Fort Valley, Virginia, last weekend.

Keller's yard, which backs up to the George Washington National Forest, sees its fair share of wildlife. In fact, she's spent the last 12 years photographing her furry visitors. But this wasn't an ordinary bear.

"This was the biggest one I've seen this year," Keller told CNN. After observing him for a bit, she realized that she'd seen this particular bear before, though he hadn't visited her yard in two years—not that it stopped him from making himself at home in her plastic kiddie pool.

"He wandered around the backyard... and went over by the pool and dipped his big paw in the water... and then climbed right in and laid down," Keller recalled. "He seemed so content and refreshed."

She told CNN that she watched from inside her house as the overheated bear made himself comfortable in the small pool and then fell asleep. Keller shared photos and videos of the bear's comical dip on Facebook, where they quickly went viral.   

Keller told CNN that the bear stayed in the pool for about an hour before he was chased off by the sound of her grandchildren arriving in her driveway with their dogs.

"It was neat to see and neat that I had my camera with me to capture it," she mused.

You can say that again!