After Responding to Veteran's Call, Alabama Firefighters Return to Mow His Lawn

"Sometimes you meet people like that during this job and they touch your heart."

Southern Living Birmingham Firefighters Mow Lawn
Photo: Facebook/Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Department

Two Alabama firefighters are being called heroes after going above and beyond for an elderly veteran over the weekend.

On Saturday, the Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Department responded to a local man's home after he reported experiencing chest pains while mowing his lawn. After transporting the man, a 30-year-veteran, to the hospital, firefighter/paramedic Tommy Carter and firefighter Timothy Kennedy returned to his home to finish mowing his lawn.

"I could tell that he was a kind, gentle, genuine person, and sometimes you meet people like that during this job and they touch your heart," Carter told WBRC. "That makes the decision even easier when you meet someone that has that kind of personality."

"Yeah, good guy," Kennedy agreed.

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Later, the fire department shared a photo of the men completing the yard work on social media and praised them for their hard work and dedication to the community.

"We commend Firefighter/Paramedic Tommy Carter and Firefighter Timothy Kennedy for your continued dedication to providing the citizens of Birmingham #ExcellenceThroughService," the caption reads.

Well done you two!

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