Wake up on the right side of the nest every day thanks to this free app.

Northern Mockingbird
Credit: Alan Murphy/BIA/Minden Pictures/Getty Images

Bird lovers, rejoice! Your mornings will never be the same thanks to an amazing new app from Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh's innovation studio called Dawn Chorus. The app, which takes its name from the natural phenomenon of a large number of birds singing just before dawn each day, allows you to set an alarm and wake up to the sweet sounds of the bird—or birds—of your choice.

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Here's how it works: select as many as five bird songs to your personal morning chorus. When the alarm goes off at your designated time, it begins with the song of just one bird. Then, like nature, the app grows louder as different birds join together in song. The (important) difference, is that these birdies can be snoozed. Simply give your phone a shake to rattle the birds on their branches and hush them up. If you're unhappy with a certain feathered performer, simply remove him/her from your lineup. You can also click on the birds' names to read a short blurb with more info on the species and what it looks like, listen to its song, and learn about the museum's efforts to protect them.

Dawn Chorus is beautiful, easy to use, and free to download on both iOS and Android.