2020 Southern Living Tastemaker Bettina Benson Is Taking Her Clothing Collection to New Heights

The Atlanta-based designer won one of six Stitch Fix Elevate grants this past December.

Bettina Benson creates clothes for the modern woman, who, in all that she does at home, in her workplace, and for her community, "sometimes forgets to celebrate herself." Benson's clothing collection, Chloé Kristyn,"celebrates her."

Today, we're celebrating Benson herself. In December 2020, the Atlanta designer and 2020 Southern Living Tastemaker was named a winner of online styling service Stitch Fix's Elevate grant and mentorship program.

Launched last October to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in the fashion industry, Stitch Fix's Elevate program offers each of its winners a $25,000 cash grant, along with mentorship opportunities from leaders across the company, marketing access, and the opportunity for their products to be sold on Stitch Fix.

Bettina Benson
Bettina Benson. Courtesy of Chloé Kristyn

"The investment part is great, of course, but it's really everything else that's so exciting," says Benson, whose line of tailored dresses, cozy knits, and workhorse blouses has become synonymous with the empowered, confident woman—the kind of person she hopes her daughter, for whom the brand is named, grows up to be.

"If I were looking for consulting services that were going to provide the knowledge and information that this program is going to provide, I'd probably have to sell all of my organs [to afford it]," says the designer with a laugh.

For her brand, Benson will be focused on improving the user experience on her website, as well as strengthening Chloé Kristyn's social media presence. "We really want to focus on building a community online," says the designer, noting that it's been especially important over this last, pandemic-plagued year.

And she's glad to have a company like Stitch Fix to help her achieve those goals.

"They're definitely one of the companies that's putting their money where their mouth is," says Benson. "This summer, [in light of national events and conversations surrounding racial injustice], companies were like, 'We're going to be thoughtful in our approach and change and evaluate,' but I think Stitch Fix is one of the ones that really got it right."

Shop the Chloé Kristyn spring/summer 2021 collection now on chloekristyn.com.

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