Tell everyone you know to follow this handle ASAP.

Twitter can be a jackpot for hilarous banter from Southerners and funny church signs, but it's also the virtual stomping grounds of one of the most informative handles we've ever seen: @USCPSC. Better known as the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Apartment Therapy recently pointed out just how vital to everyday living this account is.

Thankfully, they've ditched the dry language of many government agencies, and opted for a playful tone that makes educating yourself about safety hazards — dare we say — fun.

"It's run by a genius. A genius who just wants to make sure you're living your life as safely as possible. It doesn't have to be entertaining, people come there for recall news. And yet it is," offers writer Nora Taylor in the Apartment Therapy story, and we couldn't agree more.

Some recent memorable tweets have waxed poetic on everything from how to stay safe in a snow storm to reminders on putting your baby to sleep on their back. they even threw in a Backstreet Boys reference into a Poison Prevention Week post.

In addition to important safety prompts, the USCPSC also tweets important recall information and even the occasional cute dog photo.

Even though the USCPSC shares its Tweets in a humorous tone, the messages can be life-saving.

If nothing else, we hope scrolling through this brilliant feed is a reminder to go ahead and put fresh batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. And don't forget to respect your avocados, ladies and gents.