Are these grits your favorite, too?
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If your lips have ever met the grainy, stone-ground bounty that is Palmetto Farms grits, chances are you want to thank your farmer personally. Yes, they are that good.

As any Southerner knows, grits are an excellent idea any time of day—we've never met a bowl of Cheesy Grits-and-Ale Soup we didn't like—and these grits from Galivants Ferry, South Carolina do not dissapoint. This fourth-generation family-run business began in 1934 and has been dazzling palates with their grits ever since. Considering Galviants Ferry is a small town of around 4,854 residents, the word-of-mouth train has spread far beyond Horry County lines. Palmetto Farms' secret? Non-GMO corn stone-ground the old-fashioned way.

The result is a product that consumers take notice of, and remain loyal to year after year. "Best grits I've ever had. Made [by] a great group of people...This is a true small town America company that still has the upmost pride in [their] products," praises one Facebook review. "LOVE THESE GRITS. Listen, I am a girl from the south now living in California. IF you can find grits in the store, they are instant. And as the great Mr. Tipton says in 'My Cousin Vinny,' 'No self-respecting southerner uses instant grits. I take pride in my grits.' Well, California, despite your best efforts, I can still make my proud grits because I found these on Amazon," hails an Amazon review. With effusive praise for these grits reading more like poetry than rote analysis, it's no surprise that folks from Arizona to Germany have waxed poetic on the product.

In addition to rave reviews from fans, Palmetto Farms has one more impressive accolade to add to its bio: Palmetto Farms' white stone-ground grits are the best-seller in the entire "grits" category on Amazon. It may not be screen-printed on the grits' 100% cotton bags (which, by the way, are sewn on the farm), but it's certainly a formidable bragging right given how many companies sell their grits on the mega e-commerce platform.

As reported on, now's probably the time to place your order. With Christmas season rapidly approaching, the company will release a three-pack gift special, and some other new items.

"We're busy all the time, but it goes into insane mode by the end of October through Christmas," third-generation owner David Dorman said in the story. "A lot of people buy them not just to eat them, but to give them as presents." So forget a bag of coal for Santa's naughty, and "coal" chocolate for the good—everybody deserves a bag of this Palmetto Farms (and State) treasure.

Buy Palmetto Farms stone-ground white grits on Amazon here.