Step away from Magic Kingdom madness, y'all.
Disney Fireworks
Credit: David Roark

A swift google search of "where to watch Disney World fireworks" will lead you in as many directions as a tugging six-year-old antsing to conquer the tea cups, Splash Mountain, and the Dumbo ride.

Soaking up the show while riding Big Thunder Mountain? From the Tomorrowland Terrace? Front and center? There are just so many choices!

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If you ask us, watching the fireworks elbow-to-elbow with countless park patrons doesn't exactly make for the best viewing experience. Instead,follow the lead of Disney fanatic Heather Concannon who heads outside of the park to Disney's Polynesian Village Resort on the Seven Seas Lagoon. She thinks this is the best spot to catch the most jaw-dropping fireworks display: "[My boyfriend and I] have gone for a drink and snack at the beloved Trader Sam's Tiki Bar...then take a seat along the shores of the resort [for] the perfect firework viewing and it is typically never crowded," she writes in a recent post on This Is Insider.

Fireworks at Disney
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Watching from their beachfront makes for a memorable — and elbow-jostling-free — experience you'll remember fondly for years to come. Just don't tell too many friends, would ya?