Less waiting, more Dumbo rides.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 19, 2018
Disney World Dumbo Ride
Credit: Miami Herald/Getty Images

Christmas at Disney certainly has its magic and Halloween at WDW offers some marvelous spooks. But if you're looking to maximize your time spent on rides and minimize your time spent on lines (your 7-year-old niece getting cranky in the blaring afternoon sun is on board), consider booking your Disney vacation for September.

According to Orlando news station WFTV9, September may be your best bet for avoiding long wait times at Disney World. To draw that conclusion, the news station crunched numbers with EasyWDW, a non-affiliated fansite of Disney. Bonus: With September also being an off-peak time for travel, you may also find flights and hotels are cheaper. In fact, KAYAK found that the median airfare to Orlando from the US and Canada dips to $180 in September, down from $211 in August and $208 in October.

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"September is the one lull after the end of summer and the start of Halloween and convention season, which makes it a great time to go, especially on weekdays, and even weekends in September aren't that bad," Rick Munarriz, with The Motley Fool, a financial-services company, told WFTV9. Time to start plotting your September Splash Mountain and Sleeping Beauty adventures.