Ready for a five-buck shopping spree?

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
August 06, 2018
Philippe Lissac /GODONG/Getty Images

IKEA is a wonderland for furniture and home decor at great prices. But it also has a slew of stellar items that will only set you back around a dollar. Perhaps, most the famous of their dollar finds is the bright blue IKEA shopping bag for $1.29, which we can wax poetic on 'til the cows come home. Beyond that oh-so-roomy tote, what else can you score?

As Apartment Therapy recently pointed out, there's a lot calling your name at IKEA for less than a buck. Most of these items fall in the cleaning and home organizing department, and rival any deal you'd find at the dollar store. Here are three of our personal favorites from their round-up:

Clocking in at only 49 cents, this handy dish-washing brush comes in five different colors. Buy multiple.

99 cents gets you three storage containers that you can easily label and stack in your refrigerator. P.S. Overdue for a fridge cleaning?

We're big fans of this trash receptacle that only sets you back 99 cents. The sleek white bin has a three-gallon capacity and is easy to wipe clean.

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While this didn't make Apartment Therapy's cut, we're also loving these recently marked down RAJTAN spice jars. At $2.79 for a pack of four, each costs about 69 cents each and they are a great way to organize spices or other cooking essentials on your kitchen counter.

lycka till (good luck) at IKEA, y'all.