Ring in the New Year at home with these uplifting movies that are sure to make you laugh and cry tears of joy.
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If you're spending New Year's Eve at home, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourselves. Baking a dozen cookies for one? Why not? Joining in on a virtual game night with loved ones from afar? We're in it to win it, y'all. Having a dance party with roommates or building a fort with your grade schooler? Sign us up—and meet you in the living room.

And of course, there will be movies. With so many movies available on streaming devices, it can be hard to make a selection. But this year, we're guessing pick-me-up movies to watch New Year's Eve are exactly what you crave. To save you the trouble of scrolling through multiple streaming platforms to try and pick the perfect feel-good movie for your New Year's Eve celebration à la couch, we did the grunt work for you. Below, find the best New Year's Even movies that will leave you feeling joyful and smiling on the last night of the year.

1. Royal New Year's Eve on Hallmark Movies Now

Does it get better than a royal prince, an aspiring fashion designer, and a whirlwind romance? We think not. Tune into this holiday rom-com and prepare to be laughing and crying—sometimes at the same time.

2. Plus One on Hulu

Go along for the hilarious ride as two good friends decide to be each other's plus-one dates for all the wedding invitations that have piled up for each of them. The beautiful scenery and wedding venues throughout will also make you remember the thrill of travel and parties. Instead of making you sigh though, this movie will leave you feeling hopeful and excited for better things to come.

3. New Year's Eve on Amazon Prime

If you're looking for a diverting movie that's a fitting option for the holiday at hand, you can't do better than this rom com that chronicles a range of individuals—from rock stars to a nurse—in New York City on New Year's Eve. Enjoy the magic and keep the tissues by your side.

4. When Harry Met Sally on Hulu

Ah, the New Year's Eve kiss we could watch a thousand times. This year, we think may mark our one-thousandth-and-one. It's the movie that just seems to get better every time we watch it. It's Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan at their best. It's perfection.

5. And So It Goes on Hulu

Sometimes, we just need a dose of Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton to restore our hope in the world. And this romantic comedy that revolves around a realtor and his neighbor delivers. As we all set out to make next year more of a success than the last, the movie is also a nice reminder that anyone can change their life for the better

6. Golden Years on Amazon Prime

If you're in the mood for an action-packed British action-comedy movie, then this flick is for you. Who said your golden years can't be your most exciting? When you get to meet this retired couple who decides to embark on a bank-robbing spree, you'll get all the proof you need that the most thrilling chapter is yet to come.

7. Dolly Parton's Christmas on the Square on Netflix

We all need more Dolly this year and we all need to keep the holiday spirit rolling into 2022. Accomplish both with this upbeat musical that's unlike anything you've ever seen before. P.S. Needless to say, we're totally not judging you for watching as many holiday movies and specials as you'd like all winter long.

8. Runaway Bride on Peacock

Recently watched Pretty Woman? Also starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere (and Joan Cusack), this tale of a reporter writing a story about a woman who ditches her fiancé at the altar offers a similar balance of laughs and heartwarming emotion. Sit back, relax, and let Roberts and Gere do their thing.

9. Bridget Jones' Diary on Amazon Prime

If you didn't get your fill of Hugh Grant in Love Actually, a classic Christmas movie, then Bridget Jones' Diary will offer you all the laughing and crying you need to ring in the New Year. Renée Zellweger is as witty as ever in this film that starts and ends on New Year's.

10. Sleepless in Seattle on Amazon Prime

We'll never be over the tear-jerking scene where Tom Hanks' character reminisces on a conversation that he had with his late wife on New Year's Eve.

11. About Time on Netflix

When the main character of this film finds out that he has the unique ability to time-travel, he goes back to New Year's Eve to revisit a botched first kiss.

12. An Affair to Remember on Amazon Prime

After watching Sleepless in Seattle, watch the movie that inspired it. After meeting and kissing on New Year's Eve, Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant's characters agree to meet at the top of the Empire State Building six months later if they still have feelings for each other.

13. The Holiday on Hulu

Although there's no direct mention of New Year's Eve in this classic holiday film, we can't think of a better heart-warming film to watch.

14. Holidate on Netflix

This modern romantic-comedy follows two strangers who agree to be each other's dates for every holiday throughout the year. What begins as a platonic plus-one agreement, turns into a meet-cute love story.

We'd love to hear your suggestions: What are the best feel-good movies you've streamed recently?