Plus, the most expensive day to hit the pumps.

By Meghan Overdeep
May 02, 2018
Southern Living Paying for Gas
Credit: lesliejmorris/Getty Images

With prices at the pump headed for highs we haven't seen in four years, it may seem like spending a fortune on gas this summer is unavoidable.

Well, don't lose hope quite yet.

While sadly we know of no single trick for lowering gas prices nationwide, the company behind the smartphone app GasBuddy recently shared a few tips that can help save you some money the next time you fill-up.

This week, GasBuddy issued a new study that found the best and worst days of the week to buy gas to maximize savings at the pump and avoid the lines during the busy summer travel season.

According to their results, the cheapest day to hit the pumps is Monday. As for the most expensive day to get gas? That honor goes to Friday.

"Though there is variation in daily gas prices across different states, the consensus is that the earlier motorists fill-up during the week, the better," Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, said in a release. "Following Monday, Sunday is the cheapest day to fill-up. Conversely, Thursday follows Friday as the most expensive day to fill-up."

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GasBuddy also analyzed its foot traffic data, and found that gas stations across the country are least busy on Sundays, followed by Mondays. Friday is the busiest day.

"Consumers are missing a big opportunity at the pump when it comes to saving time and money," says DeHaan. "Our data shows that most motorists are filling up on not only the most expensive day, but the busiest. Having a tank of gas last until Sunday or even Monday each week can collectively save drivers $2.6 billion, and spare the headache of not being able to find an available pump."

So, commuters looking to avoid lines and save some dough should fill-up on Monday or Tuesday between 8am and 10am.