Why didn't we do this sooner?
Best Buy Exterior
Credit: Geri Lavrov/Getty Images

It's easy to walk into Best Buy for wireless ear buds and leave with a tablet, speakers, and home security system. Hello, tech nirvana. But if you want to stick to your budget, here's some smart advice, courtesy of Reader's Digest: Sign yourself up for Best Buy's email newsletters. "These heavy price tag items are not always at full price and Best Buy sends updates on offerings and promotions they have going on," says Sara Skirboll, shopping and trends expert at RetailMeNot.

To sign up for the newsletter, simply scroll to the bottom of the page at BestBuy.com and enter your email address.

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Another great way to save? "Following Best Buy on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook also gives you a leg up on other shoppers to stay up to date on the latest sales," recommends Skirboll.

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