Stake a claim (and an umbrella) in any one of the spots on WalletHub's 2019 list of America's best beach towns.

By Meghan Overdeep
June 19, 2019

Living by the beach is a dream shared by most Americans. Unfortunately, due to the misconception that life by the water is more expensive and less manageable than it is in landlocked areas, for most, it remains a pipe dream.

Contrary to popular belief, however, many beach towns aren't only suitable to everyday life, they're easy on the wallet too.

To help you narrow down your search for your own private paradise, WalletHub recently revealed a comprehensive list of America's most livable beachside communities—those by the ocean and those by lakes.

In order to determine the best beach towns in America, WalletHub compared 192 cities across six key dimensions: affordability, weather, safety, economy, education and health, and quality of life. When it comes to life by the ocean, the South shined, claiming five of the top 10 beach towns. Port Lavaca, Texas also deserves a special shout out for having the lowest median home price in the country.

So, without further ado, scroll down for WalletHub's 2019 list of the best beach towns to live in.

Best Beach Towns to Live in (Ocean)

  1. Naples, FL
  2. Lahaina, HI
  3. Newport Beach, CA
  4. Carlsbad, CA
  5. Boca Raton, FL
  6. Sarasota, FL
  7. North Myrtle Beach, SC
  8. Encinitas, CA
  9. Santa Monica, CA
  10. Venice, FL

Best Beach Towns to Live in (Lake)

  1. Traverse City, MI
  2. Folsom, CA
  3. Cornelius, NC
  4. Holland, MI
  5. Kirkland, WA
  6. Mercer Island, WA
  7. Davidson, NC
  8. Redmond, WA
  9. Eden Prairie, MN
  10. Bay Village, OH