"I used this Christmas knife that I travel with to cut the gauze that she used to wipe the blood off his leg."

Fans of HGTV's Home Town have long been aware of what a caring and good soul Ben Napier is. In his latest Instagram post, however, we see the woodworker's kindheartedness leap to life as he rushes to help in the face of horrible car accident.

"PSA: Pay better attention when driving. My daddy, a truck driver and preacher, taught my brothers and me to be aware of the other automobiles on the road. He taught us to look out ahead of us to see what other cars are doing. He taught us to be aware of 18 wheelers, and to give them space. He taught us that if we didn’t see a green light turn green, to be ready for it to turn red," Napier begins his emotional message.

"This morning, on the way home from a camping trip, @erinapier and I witnessed a horrible 3 car accident that could have been avoided. I saw it coming from a mile away. I started yelling, 'NO NO STOP STOP STOP!' Erin looked up just as they were hitting a car in the intersection. A pickup truck ran the light south bound going about 70 mph. They never hit their brakes but they did hit two cars who were turning. We watched as the impact threw 2 women out of the pickup truck. One of them had to be airlifted to Pensacola," he continues. "A little boy was pulled out of the extended cab part of the truck with a possible broken ankle. Another lady and I took care of him. Some other driver gave him a little truck. I used this Christmas knife that I travel with to cut the gauze that she used to wipe the blood off his leg. His mama was more concerned that the other driver had pulled out in front of her and that she wasn’t at fault." (If you click onto the second photo in his post, you see the red-and-green pocket knife, emblazoned with a candy cane on it that Ben used to help the injured boy.)

In a heartfelt conclusion, Ben ends his missive by reminding us all to be safe drivers on the road and teach the younger generation to do the same. "I don’t know how I would be if I got into that situation, but I’d like to think that Helen would be my first priority. Since we’ve started pulling Jolene the Airstream all over this country, I’m even more aware of the lessons my daddy taught us. I have an even greater respect for truck drivers like my brother who are on the road dealing with oblivious drivers day in and day out," he writes. "Please, make your kids learn the rules of the road, make them study their rule books, make them pay attention to their surroundings, and while you’re at it, study up yourself. I’m not looking for an 'attaboy' comment here and I am by no means the best driver in the world, I drive too fast and it worries Erin—I’m going to work on changing that starting now."

His message clearly struck a chord with Napier's fan base. "As everyone('s) faith teaches whether one is Christian or Buddhist or whatever, we could die at any moment. Life is long, but life is short, too," commented Bedell Cellars CEO and fellow carpenter. Another follower eloquently summed up Napier's message and wrote, "We all can take away a great lesson from this.... pay attention, stop speeding, we’re not immortal, put down your phones!!!!"

A great reminder for all of us, safety on the road should always be our priority. A note well worth rereading and sharing with loves ones, it's a simple call to action with an almighty cause: Saving lives.