We'd love to relax on this beaut all summer long.

Erin and Ben Napier of HGTV's Home Town
Credit: @erinapier

Like biscuits need jam, every Southern porch needs a swing.

Thanks to Ben Napier, we now have new inspiration for our summer porch setup. Co-starring in HGTV's Home Town with wife Erin Napier, the husband and father to baby Helen, has never failed to amaze us with his furniture-making skills. This time, he puts his carving and cutting mastery to work to make a porch swing for Home Town designer Bill Holloway.

"I devoted so many hours converting an old piano into a drafting table for @hollowaywi, that I didn't have time to design and build anything too intricate for this porch swing. That being said, it's one of the best pieces I've ever designed. Using the old growth pine that we salvaged from the brick chase in their kitchen, I laid out two true 2" X 4" boards for the bottom rails and main supports," Napier captions a series of photos of the finished piece. "Then, I built a frame for the swing back. The arms are the same 2" X 4" old growth pine with a 2" x 2" riser on the front. I then attached 1" thick boards flat on the bottom rails for the seat. Finally, chamfered the bottom edge of a 1" x 4" board to frame the top with a 45 degree cut in the corner. The top piece is the most detailed work on the swing and it's wide enough for a glass of sweet tea. Designed to hang from 4 ropes, it drifts more than it swings."

In addition to the striking woodwork Napier completed, we also love the blue overlay, complete with a white nautical-inspired rope knot design.

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