"More importantly, you’re the only person I want to do this with!"
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As fans of HGTV's Home Town well know, Ben Napier is just about the sweetest husband around (and Erin Napier has called her hubby "Super Dad," too, when it comes to taking care of their toddler, Helen).

He's thoughtful, loving, devoted, and we hear he makes one heck of a beautiful kitchen island table, to boot. As if on a mission to make all other partners out there look bad, did we mention he also writes his beloved wife a love note every morning? Yes, as in, every single morning. It should come as no surprise then that Ben took the time to write a heartfelt birthday note to Erin for her 35th birthday on social media, and boy are our hearts melting.

Ben and Erin Napier porch
Credit: Brooke Davis

"On this day in 1985, “The Power of Love” by @hueylewisandthenews was the @billboard #1 song. That is quite fitting because it’s the day the love of my life was born. #HappyBirthday to @erinapier!" he begins his birthday missive. "My best friend, my greatest love, my time keeper, my teammate, my coworker, my partner in everything, my daughter’s mother. You’re the only person who could do this with me. More importantly, you’re the only person I want to do this with! I don’t know how to use Dropbox or google drive, so all of these pictures are from our book, Make Something Good Today." We can only imagine how sweet his private birthday card to Erin was if this was the public edition.

Click through the photos below to see more photos of Erin (and Ben!) over the years. You can pick up a copy of the couple's book, Make Something Good Today, on Amazon here.

As for the day's festivities, Erin was kind enough to share with her fans just what some of that birthday fun entailed. "For my 35th birthday, he had @e.p.bell from @birddogcafe make us chicken pot pie and salad with pecans and peach & almond tarts and he gave me fall around our coffee table in our pajamas. If you turn the air down far enough, you can successfully light the fireplace and be comfortable," she wrote, alongside several photos of their living room setup. "It helps to watch The Great Pumpkin and You’ve Got Mail while drinking caramel apple soda. Helen and I even got matching apple picking sweaters from @kjp! Fall isn’t much of a season in Mississippi, but it is my favorite one of all. @scotsman.co finds a way to give me the world, every time. Happy to be here, in my 35th year."

For an extra note of adorableness, Ben replied to her post with, "You give me the world every day, babe. I’m happy to do my best for you."

We hope Erin had a wonderful celebration with her family. We're going to go ahead and guess there are no peach-and-almond tarts leftover—our mouths are certainly watering, though.