The HGTV Home Town stars kept things at home this Valentine's Day, and we're totally stealing their idea.

These days, many couples are looking for ways to get creative at home for date night and—no surprise here—HGTV Home Town renovator extraordinaire Ben Napier sets the bar pretty high. As we saw in a Country Living article, Erin Napier recently posted on Instagram stories memories from her "best date night ever."

The lovely evening she was referencing? A beautifully planned gathering for two in the couple's backyard that Ben pulled off for Erin earlier this year for Valentine's Day. After the celebration this past February, Erin gave fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their lovely night.

"Helen’s [swing set] became a fancy restaurant where the attire code is jammies. Ben made a menu with our friend who is a chef and had him cook the best meal I’ve ever tasted (osso buco with polenta, roasted brussels sprouts, pimento cheese deviled eggs, crostini, and chocolate shortbread), cut a million pink hearts from construction paper and made a roaring fire popping and crackling to keep me warm," she wrote alongside several photos. "No matter his success in life, his gifts are never expensive, but they’re unbelievably priceless. I can’t have this night in this pretend restaurant tent for two forever, it’ll just be photos in the morning. But I will remember this when I’m old and that swing set hasn’t carried Helen into the sky in 30 years. He is the most loving person I’ve ever known. I’ve cried a hundred happy tears tonight. What a surprise for an introverted, tired working mama."

We mean, does it get any better than this?

During the coronavirus crisis, this idea is the perfect way to ring in a special evening with your better half, or even just to toast the small victory that is making it through a hectic day.

We'd love to hear from you: How are you making date nights at home more festive? Share your favorite romantic evenings in with us, and maybe, you know, casually send this article to your significant other if you think they could use some inspiration.