And the award for "Prettiest Kitchen in Laurel" goes to...


We love Ben and Erin Napier's effortless Southern style — the way they imbue every room they touch with style and grace while highlighting a space's history dazzles us on their HGTV show, Home Town, every time.

Now, the sweet couple has given us an incredible glimpse into their most recent home renovation project: their kitchen.

"Finally, over on my journal, you can read all about our kitchen renovation(s) journey. I even listed sources and everything. So happy to have a forever kitchen that will hold up through the decades in style and function," Erin captions a recent Instagram post, sharing five photos of their new culinary digs.

In her lengthy blog post — featuring before-and-after photos of the space — Erin opens up about the renovation process, which initially began in the winter of 2011/2012 before being picked back up again in fall 2018. What led to the kitchen reno reprise? After outgrowing their second-hand fridge with their baby Helen, a series of unfortunate events happened ranging from a leak over the kitchen sink and a ceiling collapse to the hot water breaking and the oven gong on the fritz. It was time.

"It's like our kitchen knew the jig was up and was going to quit before we could fire it. It was time. And maybe just as importantly, it was time to design a kitchen for the adults we'd become with the careers we have now. I know how to design a kitchen for function and the long haul these days. Cute doesn't matter the way quality does in a room where so much water and heat happens,"writes Erin in her blog. "So I ordered the appliances I've always wanted around Thanksgiving, knowing it could be 3 months before they would arrive, and on Valentine's Day 2019, demo on our cute newlywed kitchen was underway." Roughly eight weeks later, their kitchen renovation is now complete.

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Along with the stunning kitchen reveal, Erin also shares some advice for those renovating their own kitchen. Our favorite piece of wisdom? Mix your metals. It keeps the kitchen from looking too sterlie and the mix of brass, steel, copper, and more add an element of visual interest. Read all of her tips and the full blog post here.

What do you think of the Napier's new kitchen?