"Personal over pretty. That's always our concern," said Erin.

There's no denying that every home Ben and Erin Napier transform on HGTV's Home Town has a certain warmth and perfection to it that we can't quite define, and yet, is always there. From blanket's inscribed with a deceased husband's love letter to his widow, to woodwork fashioned out of materials with special significance for a family, the couple always incorporates the sweetest of details into their clients' new abodes.

Of course, that's all intentional. And has a lot to do with the way the Napiers define "home," as they revealed on a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show. "I'm an extreme homebody. Home is everything," Erin conceded. "And that's the thing, when I'm designing a home on Home Town, I'm always thinking, 'if I were the person who lived here, what would make me long for it when I'm away from it?' That is what home is. It's not how perfect and pretty or Pinterest-worthy your house is. It's so much more than that."

Ben and Erin Napier Indoors
Credit: Brooke Davis-Jefcoat

Hubby Ben surely agrees: "There are things like pretty paint colors and pretty sofas, and we can help you find that. That's the easy part of it. The hard part of our job is getting to know our homeowners and then figuring out what makes this person tick, what makes them want to be at home. What can we do to this house? Yes, we're going to make it beautiful, but we want it to be theirs," Ben continued. Stealing the words out of Ben's mouth, Erin then said, "personal over pretty. That's always our concern."

We love seeing this sweet couple renovate homes in Laurel, and we can't wait to see what's in store for them. On that note, time to fire up the discovery+ app and binge-watch Home Town.

You may very well find us parked on the couch hours from now daydreaming about moving to Laurel. And all those sweet porch swings.