Napier, party of three!
Erin and Ben Napier of HGTV's Home Town
Credit: @erinapier

In early January, Ben and Erin Napier welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Helen. Over the past month, the HGTV 'Home Town' stars and Laurel, Mississippi residents have generously granted us a glimpse into their new family life, from belly snuggles to story time.

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When it came to their first night on the town as a trio, the couple beelined to a Southern classic: Waffle House. "No cars in the parking lot ✅ Low carb stuff for Ben ✅ No one here but us ✅ First meal out as a family," Erin playfully captioned her photo with a sign-off of "#wafflehouse #fluseason."

With Erin enjoying Waffle House's signature hash browns and protein-heavy Ben's plate nearly clean, their inaugural meal out certainly seems like a success.

Perhaps with Helen's taste buds firmly planted in the Land of Waffles, it won't be long until she's celebrating her birthday at Waffle House just like this Tennessee nine-year-old who recently had an epic bonanza at the beloved chain. Smothered or covered, Helen?